The perfect temperature for chinchillas is between 55°-65° with low humidity around 55%. However the highest temperature you should ever allow in the area where your chin will live is 70°. Having air conditioning is mandatory if you want to live with a chinchilla. Whether it is central or a window air conditioner the room temperature where your chin will be living must be kept very cool for the health of your chin. Many people think that when their chin lives in a finished basement that temperature will not be a problem, but this is not true. Unless you have air conditioning in your basement, you must use a dehumidifier. Humidity is just as important to keep track of as temperature. You should keep a thermometer in the general area of where your chin's cage is and then there will be no doubt. Chinchillas do not sweat so they can not release the heat in their bodies so easily. Using a fan does not keep your chinchilla cool. All you are doing is circulating the warm air in the room. Do not direct an air conditioner or fan directly on your chin. He should not be in a draft or in direct sun light.