Dust Bath

Did someone say Bath Time!!!!!

Chins loving their dust bath   

Regular dust baths are very important for your chins physical as well as mental health. We gave these chins a bath in an open litter pan so you could see how they roll around and have a lot of fun. They also create a dust cloud, so be conscious of this if you have allergies. Chinchillas need a dust bath 2-3 times a week. This will keep their fur beautiful, clean and healthy. It gives them a great energy boost and makes them feel wonderful. We have noticed that rescues we have taken in that have not gotten baths recently seem to be depressed or withdrawn. When they do get a bath again they are revitalized. The best brand of dust bath you can use is Blue Cloud. Give your chin about 10-15 minutes to take his bath. You don't want to leave the bath in the cage because often he will just pee and poop in it. Also, many chins will sleep in their dust bath and that will dry out their feet.