Fresh Dried Fruit

There would be no reason to give fresh fruit to your chin. When fruit has the moisture removed, it then of course becomes dried fruit. This process makes the sugar content very concentrated. Chins do not digest sugar well so giving your chin foods that are high in sugar can cause upset with his intestinal tract and can cause bloat and diarrhea. Some fruit does have higher sugar content than others. The only exceptions to the fruit rule for me are organic dehydrated cranberries to keep the urinary tract healthy and fresh pineapple juice for intestinal blockages which is discussed under Physical Health. Raisins are not healthy for your chin and should not be given as a treat. Raisins are 60% sugar and should be avoided. The only time it is acceptable to give one raisin to your chin is if he starts to show signs of hypoglycemic shock (low blood sugar). Also Goji berries have become popular, but these are a fruit and are high in sugar content. Goji berries are known to thin the blood, which would be a concern if your chin needed surgery or had an open wound.