Mourning the Loss of Your Chinchilla

There is nothing that can be written to truly comfort you in times of the loss of your beloved chinchilla. I know; I've been there. These little critters impact our lives, and our time with them is never long enough. Chinchillas are angels with fur, and they leave their paw prints on our hearts forever.

When one of a bonded pair passes away, what should you do? Chinchillas (and all animals) do mourn when a companion has died. Your chin may be quiet, not eat and show signs of depression. Spending extra time with him will really help him through this time. If you consider getting another chinchilla companion for him, give it some serious thought. I have found that when a chin has been paired, they will often accept another chin as a friend. However, I have had a couple of times when they would not. You also have to consider that a slow introduction is always necessary, especially since your current chin will have been with you for some time, and he may not want to share you or his cage with a new chin.

Mourning a Loss

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