Honorary Adoptions

We are very grateful to everyone who has done an Honorary Adoption over the years. However, due to the fact that the rescue has become so busy with new rescues and caring for them, including many who have serious health issues that need ongoing care, there has not been time to properly keep up with these adoptions. If you currently are signed up for an Honorary Adoption, you will receive the information for the duration of the year you are signed up for. We always need donations, but will no longer be signing up new 'adoptions'.

Would you like to be an 'Honorary' chinchilla parent? Many people who love animals are unable to live with them because of allergies, lack of space, busy schedules, not allowed by landlord or children that are too young. Many of you would like to help a rescued chinchilla, but would like a little more than just sending in a donation.

We have had inquiries as to whether an 'Honorary' adoption is possible for one of our chinchillas. We thought this was a wonderful idea and have decided to dedicate a page for some of the wonderful chinchillas that live with us. An 'Honorary' adoption is when you do not actually take the chinchilla home with you, but donate a sponsor fee for a particular chinchilla. You receive paperwork about your chinchilla so you are able to show your family and friends. One of the best things about this is that you will feel pride and joy knowing that you have helped a chinchilla who was once homeless.

We have many permanent residents at our rescue that are not adoptable for many reasons: age, ongoing health issues, social behavior. All of the chinchillas hold a special place in our hearts, and we are happily providing them with a forever home here at the rescue.

We would love to have 'Honorary' adoptions of these chinchillas by YOU, our fellow animal lovers. Here is how you can become an 'Honorary' adoption parent.

  • Choose the chinchilla you would like to 'Adopt'.
  • The 'Honorary' adoption period is for one year.
  • The 'Adoption' fee is $40.00 a year made in a single payment.
  • You will receive a photo of your chinchilla along with a brief history of his/her background.
  • You will receive another update along with a photo of your chinchilla later in the year.
  • If this is a gift for someone, they will receive a gift card indicating who it is from and any personal message you wish to enclose.

This is a great gift for children, people with allergies or a senior citizen who would love to help a rescued chinchilla without having to worry about the daily responsibility and care.

If this is a gift, please enter the gift recipient's name, address, and your gift message during Paypal checkout; there will be a link under the "item"

The 'Honorary' adoption fee is a donation so it is tax deductible!

If you prefer to send a check or money order, please send it to:
Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue
PO Box 406
Granby, CT 06035