All of the chinchillas we rescue have a permanent home here until we can find them a compatible forever home. They stay at the rescue a minimum of thirty days before they can be adopted. We do not adopt out any chinchillas that have a history of or any ongoing medical conditions such as malocclusion (teeth issues), severe heart murmurs, seizures, etc.

Our goal is to find wonderful, loving and knowledgeable forever homes for our chinchillas, but we are not desperate to 'get rid of' any chins. Do not contact us if you are looking to get a free or cheap chinchilla. We are looking for people who understand what is involved in having a chinchilla in their life and are happily willing to accommodate the chinchilla's needs.

Please read our page "Are You Right for a Chinchilla?". Please realize that as much as we want to find great homes for our rescues, we want you to understand they are a serious commitment. They require a lot of your time, love and care. They can live a good 15-20 years if given proper care. The oldest chins we have had here were 21 years old. Please do research as to their special care, proper diet and safe housing before applying for an adoption. Our web site is a great resource for you.

Our Adoption Policy is as follows:

You must live within a 2 1/2 hour drive from Granby, CT to adopt from our rescue. However, we do adoptions by Courtesy listings for people that live outside of our area. For those chins, you can live in their area to adopt. An adoption application must be filled out for ALL adoptions regardless of the location.

You must be 21 years old to apply for an adoption. We do not recommend chinchillas for young children (under 14 years). Remember, with proper care, chins can have a life span of 15-20 years! If you are under 21 years old and wish to adopt one of our chinchillas, you must have consent and support of an adult guardian. The adult guardian is the person who must fill out the application with notations about who will be the primary caretaker.

Please do not contact us asking if we have kits available for adoption. We do NOT BREED, so on the rare occasion we rescue a pregnant chin and do have kits , they will be about 1 yr old before an adoption can take place.

An adoption application must be filled out completely. If it is not completed, it will not be reviewed. Filling out 'whatever you recommend' is not an answer to a question. Please do your research about chin care before applying (this website is a great source). We may then call you for an interview. It makes it easier to get in touch with you if you mention the best time (daytime or evening) to reach you in the 'Additional Comments' section of the application. Sending in an application or having a phone interview does not guarantee approval of an adoption.


At this time, because of ongoing issues with Covid, we are not doing adoptions directly through our rescue. There are so many chinchillas in need of a new home, that we are focusing on Courtesy Adoptions that we have listed on our Adopable Chinchillas page as well as our Adopt-a-Pet page to help those who need our help in finding a new forever home for their chins. We list chins from several states across the country. An adoption applicaiton must still be filled out for a Courtesy Adoption.

If you are approved for adoption, a date is setup for you to visit the chinchillas to see who you are most compatible with or to visit a chin if it is a Courtesy listing. Since we are a private rescue, only approved applicants can visit the chinchillas.

We will introduce you to a few chinchillas that we think would be a good match for you. If you are trying to adopt a chin to pair with a chinchilla you currently have, please do not ask us to bring your chinchilla to our rescue. Having two chins meet face to face that are not familiar with each other is not the proper way to introduce chins. If they don't show aggression towards each other, that is not an indicator they will get along in the future (this is a fallacy). Separate cages will be needed regardless if you are trying to pair chins.

Please note; you will not leave with the chinchilla you choose. A date is set up for the final adoption in which we will bring the chinchilla to his/her new home. This allows the new guardian to prepare for the chinchilla's arrival. Appropriate housing, bedding, food and supplies are expected to be set up in an appropriate cage and ready for the chinchilla to move into upon final adoption. We will not adopt a chinchilla to any home if an appropriate, safe and clean cage is not available and setup at the time of adoption even after an application has been approved.

We recommend Critter Nation, Ferret Nation or Quality cages as the best you can get for your chinchilla. We require you have a safe travel carrier (not fabric) for your new chinchilla before you can adopt. We also require that you have a chinchilla knowledgeable veterinarian listed on your application, so please again, do your research. Not all vets will see chinchillas or know how to treat them. Your vet that treats your cat or dog most likely will have no chinchilla or exotic animal experience.

On the day of the final adoption, you will need to sign an adoption contract. It reflects your commitment to the chinchilla as well as to the rescue by keeping open communication and our availability and support to you for the life time of the chinchilla. The adoption fee is $100.00 per chinchilla. The entire amount of the adoption fee is put into the rescue's funds and used towards the care of the chinchillas.

It is at the discretion of the Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue to approve or reject any applicant that we feel would or would not be the best guardian or enviroment for a chinchilla. The chinchillas are always our first concern.

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You may fill out an Adoption Application by clicking the Application Link below. We strive to review applications in a timely manner. However, it may take a few days if things are really busy here or we have trouble getting in touch with veterinarians or references. We appreciate your understanding and patience. We are not breeders. We do not ship chinchillas! We are always available should any questions or problems arise.

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