Shipping Policy

When you shop Our Store, you help support a non-profit rescue because 100% of all proceeds are put into a fund to provide for the rescued chinchillas' daily and medical needs.



Due to the larger number of orders, it is taking longer to get most orders out. Orders are worked on most day after caring for the rescues. If you have not recieved an email with a tracking number, it means there are still other orders ahead of yours. I greatly appreciate your patience and business.

Custom made items, which are a large part of most orders, may take longer to make and ship. I do not have a staff, I personally box all orders and drive them to the post office myself. The holiday season may delay shipping simply because of the volume of orders received. Weekends and Holidays can affect shipping times. Also, weather in the Northeast does not always cooperate during the winter months, so inclement weather can delay getting your order out. I ship throughout the US (including Alaska & Hawaii). I will refund any over charge of shipping if it is more than one dollar over the actual cost. The chinchillas always come first and if things are very busy, which they often are, orders will be filled and shipped as soon as possible. I'm sure you understand as we are all chinchilla lovers and want the best for them. Your patronage and patience is greatly appreciated!

Please Note: Because PayPal's shipping system is far from perfect, extra shipping charge may apply in some cases. Usually for an oversize box or weight. You will be sent an invoice through PayPal for any extra shipping fee due.

Please make sure your shipping address (including an apartment number) and email are correct when placing your order. I am not responsible if a package can not be delivered because an incorrect address was given. You will not be refunded the shipping fee if the package is returned for this reason or if you change your mind about your order after it ships because I am not refunded shipping fees for any returned packages.

You will NOT receive an email confirmation of your order from Forever Feisty. PayPal should send you a email confirmation or you can check your PayPal account. You will receive a paper receipt in the box with your order. I will send you an email after your order has shipped with tracking info.

Bridge Orders: All our bridges are custom made when you place your order, which may take up to a week to put together. Because destinations vary and shipping weight varies, you will NOT see a shipping charge for a bridge on your order. If you order other items along with a bridge, your invoice will reflect the shipping charge for the other items that you ordered. Until I get your order all boxed up, whether you order just a bridge or other items along with a bridge, you WILL BE INVOICED separately for the bridge through PayPal.

Canadian & International Orders: You will not see a shipping fee on your initial order. You will be invoiced separately for shipping fees through PayPal. This is done to get a more accurate fee. Any package weighing more than 4 pounds must be shipped by Priority Mail per Postal Regulations. That can often double shipping fees, so please keep that in mind when ordering items.

We are obligated to charge all CT residents 6.35% sales tax.