A wooden house or some form of a safe hide-away is essential for your chin's cage. He will feel more comfortable if he has a place he can hide and sleep in. Make sure you get something that will be large enough for him to stretch out. If you have multiple chins they will snuggle, but you still want them to have room should they want to stretch out. Keep in mind when buying or making a house that it must fit through the door of the cage. Most chin houses will be made of pine wood which is a safe wood for chins. That is what I make our chins' houses with. Chins will chew their houses and this is normal. That is why it is so important that it is a safe wood. Remember, no plastic housing of any kind. Do NOT use Ecotrition Snak Shaks as they are extremely unhealthy for your chin. Some chins will move their house around so if it is on an upper level you should attach it to the side of the cage. If the house you get does not come with hardware to attach it, you can use a screw and fender washer to attach it. Chins like to sit on top of their house, so it is nice if you can leave enough room between their house and whatever you have above it.