Adoptable Chinchillas

Because there are so many chinchillas looking for homes, we unfortunately do not have room for all of them. We already have many chinchillas that live at our rescue and we are asked to take an average of 20-25 chinchillas a month. The homeless crisis is very prevalant in the Northeast. To try to help people who need to re-home their chinchillas, we do a courtesy listing for them. This means we will list chinchillas from other states, as well as CT who need homes, but are still currently living with their guardians. At the beginning of the listing, I tell you what state the chinchilla is living in, so please keep this in mind as you will be the one to travel to where the chinchilla is located to adopt him/her.

You will still need to fill out an Adoption Application with our rescue regardless of whether the chinchilla lives here or not. Please read our page "Are You Right for a Chinchilla?" before applying.