Calcium Supplements

Giving extra calcium to your chin should not be necessary except in the following cases; pregnancy/nursing moms, pale or white teeth, malocclusion or hunchback. If your chin has any of these conditions, calcium deficiency plays a part. The most common ways to give a chin extra calcium is alfalfa hay, cuttlebone or Tums original (see Physical Health). Giving extra calcium if your chin does not need it can risk him getting bladder stones. I believe some chins are more susceptible than others when it comes to this. Bladder stones are very serious and painful. A chin can not pass a stone through urination like a person can. The stone has to be surgically removed. Like any surgery, this is risky and a long recovery for the chin. This issue has, at times, been a hot topic among chin parents. Some don't believe giving calcium supplements will cause bladder stones, yet there have been many chins that have suffered from them. I myself have had two chins get them. My advice is not to give extra calcium unless your chin has one of the conditions mentioned above. Please see Physical Health for more details on calcium deficiencies.