Chinchillas & Other Animals

You should not house a chinchilla with another species of animal. If they are compatible, you should only house a chinchilla with another chinchilla. Chinchillas have specific requirements which are not the same for any other species of animal. We have heard of someone keeping a chin with a bunny, and this is a bad idea. Besides the fact that a bunny and chin require different diets, housing and sleeping times, you must consider the bunny's size in comparison to the chinchilla. Also, a huge factor for not housing a chin with another animal is their dust bath, which can cause respiratory problems for other animals. We are not saying you should not have any other animals living with you in your home, but no other animal besides chinchillas should share the same cage. No matter how well behaved a dog or cat is, never let your chin out to play where he is not completely protected from them. If you have a cat or dog that continually sits by the chins cage stalking him, you will have to move the chin to a room where this will not happen. This is very stressful for the chinchilla and will take its toll on your chin's health both physically and emotionally.