Letter from the Founder

My name is Andrea and I am the President/Founder of Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue Inc. I have always loved animals, but never knew how much they would impact my life. After losing my first 'furry child', a house cat named Passion, to lymphoma, I was devastated. We had been together for sixteen years. Several months after her passing and many tears later I realized I wanted to try to welcome another animal companion into my life. I gave it a lot of thought and did some research and decided to welcome a little black bunny into my home. Everything in my life changed from that moment. He started a long journey into healing my heart and opening my eyes in the search for my life purpose. I wanted to start an animal rescue. After reading everything I could about taking on this endeavor and speaking with other animal rescuers across the country, I put my plans to paper.

I now share my life with several animal companions. They are all so generous with their love and neverending loyalty. Although I am blessed to live with several types of animals, years of living with a little round furball with black as coal eyes, large ears, kangaroo type feet and spring-like legs with the name of Harley was the one who showed me the path I should follow. Of course, I am referring to a chinchilla or as they are affectionately called, chins or chinnies. I decided to start a rescue that specialized in chinchillas. I have learned a great deal through experience, veterinarians, other chinchilla guardians and rescuers along with years of research. I hope to pass along this knowledge for you to benefit and enrich your chinchilla's life.

My goal is to make this web site different than most. I have included many photos, because of course, reading about something and actually seeing it can make a big difference. I actually give you the names of products and companies. When someone is a new chinchilla guardian, they don't want generalities that won't help them if they are just learning. Most products I talk about are ones we use with our chinchillas, but I also mention other products that are high quality so people have a choice.

I am to the point when it comes to what is good and bad for your chinchilla. I feel that this has been lacking on most (but not all) chinchilla sites. I believe that is why many first time chinchilla guardians make so many mistakes and are disillusioned with the reality of what life is really like living with a chinchilla.

There can be varying opinions in the chinchilla community. Having said that, I believe there are no experts when it comes to chinchillas or with life in general. We are all on a continuing journey of learning. The person who views chinchillas as a business is going to handle them in a different manner than someone who considers them as a companion. This web site is geared toward those who view animals as part of their family and with a great deal of respect. Just as I am contributing with the knowledge I have gained from experience and research, I also want to recognize others who have gained different knowledge and experiences. Therefore, I do not hesitate to refer to other web sites, veterinarians and other resources if I feel they can explain something better or give a different, but accurate perspective on things. My first concern is what is best for the chinchillas.

I also list many links for you. They are not just for chinchillas, but for all types of animals. After Passions' passing I was haunted with the frustration at the lack of options the doctors had given me to treat her condition in its early stages, which I believe could have been halted. Even though it would not bring her back, I was determined to find if there had been another way of helping her. I discovered a whole world of holistic treatments for animals. Although I have used alternative and natural therapies for myself over the years, I never realized how well many of these holistic choices worked for animals too. Therefore, when a natural treatment is appropriate or when natural supportive care is beneficial in addition to a traditional treatment, I use holistic care for all my animal companions. As a convenience, I have listed animal sites related to this subject as an option for you.

I hope you enjoy this chinchilla site and find it to be helpful. May your chinchillas live many, many healthy and happy years of ear scratches, chin rubs, and rebounding off of walls as feisty chinchillas!

Take Care,

Andrea Kundrotas