Organic Herb & Grain Fusion:   available in our store

I decided to create my own natural herb and grain product because there were so many 'supplements' available at the time and none of them had the quality I wanted to give our chins. They contained some herbs that were not safe to give pregnant chins or grains that were healthy, but needed to be refrigerated. Plus, none of them were organic. Many were also sold in clear packaging which is not the best way to store herbs. Herbs should be kept in a dark sealed container away from heat and humidity to retain their freshness and nutritional value.

I put very high quality herbs into my Fusion, and it is safe to give to adult and young chins, as well as pregnant chins. I do have organic dehydrated carrots in my Fusion. I decided to put these in the Fusion because they are so high in antioxidants and vitamin A. I also wanted to add a variety of texture for the chins, and it has been a huge hit with them. It gives them great energy and is excellent for their overall health. I consider my Fusion to be a dietary enhancement and not a supplement. It makes a chin's diet even better!   See the ingredients and the wonderful texture below.