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Maze Haven

Maze Haven

Your chinchilla will not be able to resist having a blast in this maze! There are seven different ways you can assemble it, so use your imagination.

We put ours together as a single layer, and you can see our chinnie family had fun exploring it all. The single story assembled measures 34 1/2" x 34 1/2" x 10".

Maze Haven - $27.00 (note: if more than one maze is ordered, extra shipping charges may apply)

Mini Maze Haven 

Mini Maze

This is the same great idea as the Maze Haven only in a smaller size. You can make two single story mazes which measure 18 1/2" x 18 1/2 "x 10 1/4" or you can create a two story maze which measures 18 1/2" x 18 1/2" x 20 1/2" as shown. Either way your chin will have great fun exploring!

Mini Maze Haven - $19.00 (note: if more than one maze is ordered, extra shipping charges may apply)

Kissing Booth

Kissing Booth
Kissing Booth with Chinchilla

This is a great fun filled play area for your chinchillas.  It comes in 3 sections which you put together.  The full length is 46 1/2" by 14" wide and 14" high. 


Flexible Tunnel

This is great fun for you chin! This flexible tunnel can be twisted and curved how you would like. Your chin will love climbing on top and through the tunnel. It is safe to chew too!

Flexible Tunnel $17.00

Flexible Pine House

Flexible Pine House

This flexible and bendable house is exclusive to our rescue and handmade by us using Kiln Dried Pine. You can bend it into any shape you wish or use it flat for your chinchilla to lay on. When laid flat it measures 10" x 18". When used as shown it is 8" high. This house is not made of dowels.


Pine Bridge

Pine Bridge

We designed and make our bridges by hand ourselves. They are Kiln-Dried Pine and can be custom made for your cage (No dowels are used). This is a heavy, solid made bridge with NO gaps so no little toes can get caught or injured. Available in 10" wide (as shown in photo) or 6" wide. Bridge comes ready to hang with clips to attach to your cage. We have standard sizes available, but if you don't see a size that works for your cage, please email me with the size you want and I will send you a price quote. We do not make the 6" wide bridge longer than 26" as we feel it comprimises the stability of the bridge. PLEASE NOTE: I do not have any bridges in stock, we custom make each one as they are ordered, so it may take a few days before we can ship.

How to Measure your Cage: You can hang a bridge from side to side or from front to back in your chin's cage. Please measure from the outside of the wire to the outside of the wire in the location you want to hang the bridge. Using a metal measuring tape is best for an accurate measurment. That is the measurement size you need to order. We will allow for the extra needed to add the clips for hanging and a slight 'dip' in the bridge that is about 1". SHIPPING CHARGE: Shipping will NOT be added to your order for bridges as it varies by location and size of bridge. It may also vary if you have ordered additional items. You will be sent a separate invoice through PayPal for shipping once your order is boxed up to get an accurate charge.

Pine Bridge

3-Sided Tent

3-Sided Tent - $9.00

Willow Half Moon Tunnel

Willow Half Moon Tunnel

Measures 10" x 8" x 7"h

Willow Half-Moon Tunnel - $9.50

Hideaway Tubes

These are colored with food dye so they are safe for your chin. Chins love to shred the outer layer. We hang these from the top of our cages or just place them on the floor and our chins LOVE them. We put them in between shelves as a bridge, and our chins also sleep in them. Measure 10" x 6"

Hideaway Tubes SOLD OUT - $7.50

Oxbow Timothy Bungalow

Oxbow Timothy Bungalow

Oxbow Timothy Bungalow (Medium)

Made from Timothy hay and completely edible. A fun place for your chin to sleep and hide. "All natural, no chemicals, no wire or threads".

Oxbow Timothy Bunalow (medium) - $15.00

Oxbow Timothy Tunnel

You can use this to put your chin's hay or leave it empty for him to lounge around in. "All natural, no chemicals, no wire or threads".

Oxbow Timothy Tunnel - $10.00