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Snuggle Safe Heating Disc - SOLD OUT

Snuggle Safe Heating Disc

This disc is great for ill chins or kits that need to be separated from mom. There are no wires, and it is chew proof! Just a few minutes in the microwave, and the disc will stay warm for up to 12 hours. It comes with the paw print fleece cover as shown (replacement covers sold separately).

$28.00 SOLD OUT

Replacement Cover $3.00 Baby blue as shown above.

Oxbow Critical Care

Oxbow Critical Care

This is an excellent product for hand feeding during times of illness when loss of appetite can occur. Available in Anise or Apple/Banana. 141 & 454 grams.



1ml - For giving medications, sterile (individually wrapped), latex free $.35
3ml - For hand feeding, latex- free, comes with cap, markings will not rub off. $.35
10ml - For hand feeding, comes with cap, latex free $.50
60ml - Irrigation syringe, sterile (individually wrapped), latex free $2.50
15ml - Hand feeding syringe, larger tip $2.25
35ml - This syringe has a very large tip which I don't recommend for chinchillas, but for larger animals that I wanted to make available to you. $2.50


Chinchilla Nursing Syringe & Nipple

Syringe with Silicone Nipples - 1ml sterile (individual wrapped), latex free syringe with 3 silicone feeding nipples. These are the best nursing nipples I have ever used to hand feed kits. There is already a hole in the tip which you can easily feed one drop at a time or allow the kit to suckle on their own. Nipples fit easily over the 1ml syringe (Limit three per customer).


Acidophilus Wafers & Papaya Fruit Plus

Oxbow Acidophilus and Papaya Fruit Plus

One billion organisms help to promote a healthy and balanced digestive tract. Probiotics help to promote beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract which can be weakened or overrun with negative bacteria in times of illness, stress or when taking antibiotics. Acidophilus helps to restore good bacteria. This is a milk-free wafer with NO wheat, gluten, yeast, artificial colors or flavor and is great for vegetarians.
Contains 100 assorted fruit-flavored wafers.


Papain and bromelain are the best digestive enzymes made from papaya and pineapple. They help in the digestive process for animals that are vegetarians. Tablets are chewable. Contains NO sugar, gluten, wheat, milk, preservatives, artificial color or flavor.

90 tablets $7.00