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Chinchillas Are ... Coffee Mug

Another exclusive for Forever Feisty. I have updated this mug which I designed several years ago. This is a 14oz two tone mug.

'Chinchilla's Are….' Coffee Mug (Two Tone)

Forever Feisty Mug

Another exclusive for Forever Feisty. My own design created from our logo chin and chinnie paw prints. This mug holds 15oz.

Forever Feisty Chinchilla Love Mug

Chinchillin' Fleece Hoodie

Chinchillin Tee Shirgt

With the same great image as our Chinchillin' t-shirt, this fleece shirt has a hood and a front pouch to keep you warm. Since most people will wear this over another shirt (our t-shirt would be a great choice!) we have them available in two sizes so there is a loose comfortable fit for both adolescents and adults. Available in Gray only.

Color: Heather Gray- $28.00
Adult - M, L


Chinchillin' T-Shirt

Chinchillin Tee Shirgt

Chinchillin' T-Shirt (Larger Sizes Now Available)

Color: baby blue - $16.00
Adult - S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Chinchilla Fleece Hat

What a great way to keep warm in the colder months! These fleece hats are handmade by ChinChic. The whiskers and mouth are hand embroidered.

To determine your size, measure across your forehead and around your head.
Child - S (19"), M (20")$22.00


Fireman Sticker

Fireman Save Our Pets Sticker


Please Save Our Pets! $4.00

Rainbow Bridge Magnet

Rainbow Bridge Magnet




$5.00 each


Purple "Don't Shop Adopt" Magnet

Don't Shop...Adopt Magnet



Rescue and Adopt Magnets

Rescue and Adopt Magnets
"I am an Animal Shelter Volunteer"- Ribbon 8" - $4.00 each
"Rescue" Pawprint Ribbon Magnet - $4.00
Peace Magnets - $4.00Color
Heart Flag 5 3/8" - $3.00
Oval 6" - "Rescue Adopt & Save Lives" - $3.00
Circle "Rescue/Adopt" 5 3/8" - $4.00

Adopt a Pet & Spay/Neuter Magnets

Save a LifeAdopt a Pet  Save a Life - Please Spay/Neuter
Adopt a Pet - Round 4" diameter -- $4.00
Spay/Neuter - Round 4" diameter - $4.00

Large Ribbon Magnets


1-Stop Animal Cruelty - Sold Out - $5.00
2-Opt to Adopt - $5.00
3-Support Pet Rescues - Sold Out - $5.00
4-Be Kind to Animals (white)- $5.00
5-Real People Wear FAKE Fur - $5.00
6-Please Spay & Neuter- Sold Out - $5.00
7-Rabbits Rule - Sold Out - $5.00
8-I Brake For Wildlife- $5.00
9-Be Kind to Animals (beige) - $5.00
10-Save a Life - Adopt a Shelter Pet - $5.00
11-Practice Random Acts of Kindness- $5.00

Small Ribbon Magnets

Small Ribbon Magnets


1-I Love My Ferret - $2.50
2-Stop Animal Cruelty - $2.50
3-Please Spay/Neuter - $2.50

Forever Feisty T-Shirts

I have designed three new T-shirts for chinchilla lovers.  These are exclusive for Forever Feisty. They are light weight, super soft & very comfortable!     

Heart Paw Print

Infinite Love

Chinchilla Stroll

Pet  Cancer Awareness Magnet



ID Tag

This is an ID card that is credit card size for you to keep in your wallet & a tag for your keychain should you ever have an emergency. They are laminated and writeable.