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Chinchilla Organic Herb & Grain Fusion™

This product was developed exclusively by the founder of Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue to be enjoyed by and to benefit our chinchillas. I wanted a high quality & organic herb mixture for our chins. I have extensive knowledge from using herbs for nine years with my small animal companions. I additionally conducted very careful and thorough research to decide which herbs would be safe and beneficial to provide chinchillas with the best that Mother Nature has to offer in a balanced formula. All research was specific to exotics or small animals from expert resources. Each ingredient has a purpose and has its own exact measurement to provide an important yet safe function for your chinchilla. We have been giving our 'Fusion' to our chinchillas since its development in 2005 and selling it on our web site since 2006. There have been well over 300 chinchillas (that we know of) that have enjoyed our Fusion in the last four years with overwhelming results and very positive feedback from chin parents and two paws up from the chinnies!

ALL of the ingredients are 100% ORGANIC and of the highest quality.

Our Chinchilla Organic Herb & Grain Fusion is a holistic "Dietary Enhancement" which benefits the entire body. The definition of enhancement is 'to increase or make greater'. Since we hope you already feed your chinchilla very high quality pellets and hay, our Herb & Grain Fusion will complement the basic foundation of your chinchilla's diet.

Our Fusion is made in small batches so it is always fresh. We package all orders as we get them using re-sealable packaging to retain freshness. Because our Fusion is so great and has the highest quality ingredients, a little goes a long way in helping your chinchilla.

Recommended serving is 1 teaspoon per chinchilla 2-3 times per week. In cases of illness (recovery from anesthesia, wound healing, lack of appetite or stressful circumstances) we recommend giving 1 teaspoon every day for one to two weeks then returning to normal serving suggestion. Our Fusion is not a substitute for appropriate veterinarian care. We have witnessed firsthand over the years and have been told by many chin parents of the remarkable improvements their chinchillas show after starting our Fusion, especially their overall vitality and to help stimulate the appetite when a chinchilla is ill.

Our organic herbs and grains have properties to support the urinary tract, circulatory & respiratory systems, the immune system, along with providing blood purification, a digestive aid, and serving as a general tonic & detoxifier. Other ingredients supply vitamin A, C, E and K, potassium, magnesium, B-complex & calcium.

We can list the ingredients of our Fusion, but the amounts used are our little secret.... (in no particular order).

Dandelion leaf, Lemon Balm, Nettle leaf, Olive leaf, Peppermint leaf, Fennel seed, Marshmallow leaf, Alfalfa leaf, Hawthorne flowers/leaf, Rose Hips, Hibiscus flower, Oats, Barley, Wheat Bran, Groats, Carrots & Blueberries (both dehydrated, NO added sugars or preservatives)

Regular Blend

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"My four rescued chinnies have been on Fusion for more than a year and they love it. They are all strong and healthy and Fusion helps me keep them that way." Brandy from Connecticut

"I have a chinchilla rescue here in CT. I have several special needs chins with different problems and after meeting Andrea through rescue, I have tried the Chinchilla Fusion. My chins love the Fusion and all beg for it, not to mention I have seen improvement in their physical well being. This is an awesome product and well worth the price. I recommend it to all my adopters for their chins, those that are healthy or those that need some additional supplement." Shelly from Connecticut

"Several months ago Andrea visited my home to bring me a family of five chinchillas. We visited for some time while she politely noted that several of my chinchillas were very obese. I explained that it was impossible for me to visit with these wonderful creatures every night without treating them. She then told me after years of research she created Fusion from special herbs. A couple weeks later I decided to try her creation on my 12 chinchillas. Every single one of them absolutely loves Fusion. Today, I think my chins are looking better and healthier than ever." Agnes from New Hampshire

"My chins absolutely adore Fusion! They beg for it when they see the container. They think it's the best treat in the world!" Jessica from Illinois

Maze Haven

Chin Maze

Your chinchilla will not be able to resist having a blast in this maze! There are seven different ways you can assemble it, so use your imagination.

Chins in Maze

We put ours together as a single layer, and you can see our chinnie family had fun exploring it all. The single story assembled measures 34 1/2" x 34 1/2" x 10".

Chins exploring our Maze

Maze Haven - $27.00

Mini Maze Haven

This is the same great idea as the Maze Haven only in a smaller size. You can make a single level which is 18 1/2" x 18 1/2" x 10" or you can make a two story maze which would be 18 1/2" x 18 1/2" x 20". Either way your chin will have great fun exploring!
Mini Maze Haven - $19.00

Grass Hut

Grass Hut

Can be a small hiding spot for your chin or turned upside down and used to put your chins' hay in. Measures 8" x 8" x 5"
Grass Hut - $5.00

Natural Coconut Husk Mats

Natural Coconut husk mats

These are edible and provide a resting place for your chin to lie on. Patterns and colors vary, measure 14" x 12"
Natural Coconut Husk Mat - $8.75 ea.

Willow Half Moon Tunnel

Measures 10" x 8" x 7"h

half Moon Tunnel

Willow Half-Moon Tunnel - $6.50

Natural Logs

Bend and shape them anyway you like. Use them as a hide-away for your chin or as a bridge. Measure 19" x 10"

Natural Logs

Natural Logs - $8.50

Hide-Away Tubes

These are colored with food dye so they are safe for your chin. Chins love to shred the outer layer and chew the tube itself. We hang these from the top of our cages, and our chins LOVE them. We put them in between shelves as a bridge, and our chins also sleep in them. Measure 10" x 6"

Hide-Away Tubes

Hide-Away Tubes - $4.50

The Cube

This is an unpeeled Willow cube that is 5" x 5" x 5".

Willow Cube

The Cube - $6.50

Small Willow Ball & Wreaths

This unpeeled Willow ball is 3" and both the unpeeled and peeled Willow wreaths are 3".

Willow ball and wreaths

Small Willow Ball - $2.50

Willow Wreath -- unpeeled - $.89

Willow Wreath -- peeled - $.89

Carrot Basket

This basket is cute and unique and would be great to put hay in or just for chewing enjoyment. It is peeled Willow.

Peeled Carrot basket

Carrot Basket - $5.50

Grass Mats

We wanted to offer you a large grass mat to cover your shelves and give your chin an alternative soft area to rest on. It is a natural sea grass and completely edible.

Grass mats

Large Grass Mat -- 12" x 19" - $4.00

Small Grass Mat -- 11" x 12" - $3.00

Grass Ball

You get a nice 4 1/2" diameter willow and grass ball stuffed full with Timothy hay.

grass ball

Grass Ball - $6.50

Unpeeled Willow Chew Toys

Willow Chew Toys

Unpeeled willow basket measures 7 1/2" x 3". This is great for big chewers and is an all natural untreated basket - $2.75

Unpeeled & untreated willow chew ring measures 5" - $2.50

Swirly willow ball is untreated and measures 4". It has a natural grass loop - $3.50

Daisy Flower Stick

Chins love this unpeeled all natural willow 'flower.' It measures 14" long so your chin can have long lasting chewing fun!

Willow Daisy Stick

Daisy Willow Stick - $2.75 each

Willow Tunnel

Willow Tunnel

Willow tunnels are here! This unpeeled, untreated tunnel can be put in your chins' cage or out on the floor for your chins' playtime. Either way, they will love running through it or climbing on top of it and nibbling pleasure, of course. The tunnel measures 14" x 8"

Willow Tunnel 2

Willow Tunnel - $16.00

Chinchilla Mug

Our Chinchilla Mug is 11 oz and is made of porcelain. It is microwave and dish washer safe. There are a total of three chinchillas imprinted on each mug.

Please Note: We are able to get other animals such as bunnies, hedgehogs, ferret, guinea pigs, iguana, turtle, gecko if there is a demand for them, so please let us know if you would order one of these other critters if available.

Coffe Mug - left Coffe Mug- center Coffe Mug -  right

Coffee Mug - $10.00

Porcelain Footed Box

The Porcelain Footed Box has an imprint of two chinchillas on cover. It measures 5 1/4" in diameter and 3" high.

Porcelain Box, top view Prcelain Box open Porcelain Box side view

Porcelain Box - $15.00


Our T-shirts are 50% cotton 50% polyester, pre-shrunk. There is the Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue logo on the upper left front and our own chinchilla quote of 'There are times when it's Good to have Two chins' on the back along with the imprint of two chinchillas.

T-shirt front T-shirt back T-shirt colors

Colors available are: white, yellow, blue, and royal purple.
Adult sizes M and L.

T- Shirt - $16.00

Please select color & size

Oxbow Timothy Treats

Oxbow Timothy Treats

Oxbow Timothy Treats - $4.00

Organic Dehydrated Cranberries

Organice dehydrated Cranberries

1/2 oz bag - $2.00

Timothy Hay Cubes (American Pet Diner)

Timothy Hay Cubes

A snack size of sun cured timothy hay cubes 2 oz - $2.25

Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy & cream

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy 10ml - $10.00 20ml - $15.00

Please choose a size

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Cream - $13.50

Bach Flower Essences: 20ml $14.00 each

Walnut: coping with change
Olive: fatigue and exhaustion
Crab Apple: uncleanliness, infection, poisoning
Gorse: hopelessness
Vervain: over enthusiasm, impulsiveness
Star of Bethlehem: mental, emotional & physical shock
Rock Rose: terror

Bach Flower Essences & mixing bottle

Flower Essences -- 20 ml -- 14.00 ea.

Bach Flower Mixing Bottle - $1.90


Make a statement, great for your car, frig or locker at school!

Square 4" x 4" $4.00
Prayer Magnet

Prayer Magnet

Square 4" x 4" $4.00
Animal Magnet

Animal Magnet

Round 4" diameter -- $4.00
Adopt a pet

Round Magnet Adopt a pet

Round 4" diameter -- $4.00
Please Spay/Neuter

Round Magnet Spay/Neuter

Large Ribbon Magnets 9" long -- $5.00 ea.
Large ribbon magnets 1-5

1--STOP animal cruelty
2--Opt to adopt
3--Support pet rescues
4--Be kind to animals--white
5--Real people wear fake fur
Large ribbon magnets 6-10

6--Please Spay/Neuter
7--Rabbits Rule
8--I brake for wildlife
9--Be kind to animals--beige
10--Adopt a shelter pet
11--Practice Random Acts of Kindness
Large ribbon magnet 11

Small Ribbon Magnets 6" long -- $2.50 ea.
Small ribbon magnets

1--I love my ferret
2--Stop animal cruelty
3--Please spay/neuter


Bach flower Essences for Animals

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals - $12.00
This is a must have for anyone interested in using flower essences for their animals. It is great for the beginner or those who are experienced. It explains the use of each essence, the dosage and what it remedies pertaining to animals.

38 Bach Flower Essences

The 38 Bach Flower Essences - $6.00
This tells you about all of the 38 flower essences and how they work for people.

Pieces of my heart

Pieces of My Heart - $21.00
These are inspirational writings about animals by Jim Willis and others who are animal lovers and advocates.

We are a non-profit rescue so all proceeds are put into a fund to help support the rescued chinchillas' daily and medical needs.

We ship our orders by USPS Priority Mail throughout the US (except Alaska & Hawaii). We are in the process of migrating to a new shopping cart system; please accept our apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime. We are obligated to charge all CT residents 6% sales tax.